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Maintenance, mechanical and electronic repairs

8455 10e Avenue,

Montréal - H1Z 3B7

Phone: (514) 727-4174

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Sale and repair of printing equipment

ENTERPRISES PAUL E MARCOTTE in Montreal, Quebec, specializes in the sale and repair of printing equipment.

Founded in 1958 by Paul E. Marcotte, a former mechanic for a major wholesaler of printing equipment, the company is, since many years, among the leading providers in the industrial printing industry. We combine every printing services under one roof: maintenance, transportation and installation of equipment across the world.

Vente d'équipement d'imprimerie Montréal
Réparation d'équipement d'imprimerie Montréal

Sales and installation of printing equipment

ENTERPRISES PAUL E MARCOTTE undertakes the design, manufacture and sale of printing equipment. We offer a full range of printing and finishing equipment. Our expertise guarantees equipment that has the best value for money. We scour the whole world in order to provide you with new and used equipment of the highest quality. Thanks to our extensive network of global suppliers, our warehouse has a variety of spare parts to meet your needs.

We have a fleet of specialized vehicles for the transportation of heavy equipment both locally and internationally. Our team of qualified technicians is at your service all over the world to install your printing and industrial equipment.

Quality materials at the best value for money

A maintenance and repair service

ENTERPRISES PAUL E MARCOTTE ensures the repair and maintenance of your equipment. We have a modern machining, welding, mechanical and electronic repair workshop. We are able to carry out the maintenance and repair of printing equipment from the largest European and Asian manufacturers. Our equipment and team of specialist technicians allows us to meet virtually every challenge we face.

We also undertake painting and cleaning of printing equipment. Thus, gathering various services under one roof, we are among the few companies in its field to offer a turnkey service.

A turnkey service

Our main advantages:

  • High-caliber turnkey printing service
  • 58 years of experience
  • Local and international transportation of your equipment
  • Wide variety of spare parts
  • Full range of printing and finishing
  • Qualified technicians worldwide

Contact us for all your printing equipment needs.